Springvale Campus

Minaret College's main campus is located at 36-38 Lewis Street in Springvale. The site was purchased on 21st December 1994 as there was a need for a bigger campus for the Islamic College of Noble Park; which later changed its name to Minaret College. 

The campus at Springvale commenced in February 1995. Initially, only one single storey building of the former “Whiteside Primary School” remained standing, but needed renovation. The small existing library was made into an open space to be used as a prayer hall.

The office was also refurbished to accommodate a new administration team. With the enormous amount of work to be done, a number of parents, tradesmen and other volunteers within the local Islamic community put their hands up to support the improvement of the school.

Currently, Springvale Campus accommodates 1300 students with modern state-of-the art facilities and 160 staff members.