Bus Services

In a bid to assist parents / guardians, Minaret College operates a bus service that collects and drops off students as close as possible to their homes.  To meet the demand, Minaret College has a fleet of vehicles and it has also outsourced vehicles from other companies.  Pick up and Drop off will be at the same location.

Minaret College recommends parents / guardians to bring their children to school.  However, due to various reasons if school bus service is required, parents / guardians must fill the ‘Bus Application Form’ and handover it to the Reception.  A period of not less than 5 working days is required to reserve a seat and payment for one full term must be made after the confirmation. 

Bus Fees are charged each term and invoiced in advance by the end of term.  Bus Fees must be paid on or before the start of each term.

Government Conveyance Grant - Only students from Officer Campus are eligible for the Government Conveyance Grant.  A conveyance allowance is provided to a student on the basis of individual eligibility.  Parents must fill the Conveyance Allowance Application Form annually and they must notify the school within seven (7) days if their residential or travel circumstances change during the year.